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What I would suggest is to “increase your experience by being a contributor.” We are always happy to have anyone write for us who are passionate about what they do, have good communication skills, and can engage with our readers.

Having a medical background is definitely advantageous for you. We encourage individuals with diverse backgrounds who can readily simplify the topic for readers to read.

Our site offers up-to-date information on health, beauty, everyday exercise, and issues pertaining to both young people’s and elders’ health. Our goal in writing is to raise people’s awareness of health issues.



• If you write quality material, you could think that practice makes perfect.

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You are invited to write on subjects other than these; we would be happy to hear your thoughts on matters pertaining to the health sector.

Criteria of Writing Guest Post for us:

The following are the requirements that you must meet before contributing a guest post to Healthespot

Extensive Research: Before writing the guest post on healthespot, research should be the main focus of your article. Since this site is about health and wellness, it is necessary to conduct thorough research and provide reputable links to demonstrate the validity of our material.


Your guest post on health may be submitted within 800-1000. Most people view content in this range as user-friendly.


In order to maximize traffic, we encourage links in guest posts. If you include links from Google Scholar, the reader will perceive you as having done your research before writing on the issue.


Your guest posts’ images may draw readers to your blog. You ought to handle copyright-related matters. Therefore, include high-quality photographs from reliable websites where copyright concerns won’t arise.

How to submit your Guest Posts on Health?

The easiest and most important procedure. Your guest post can be sent to highblogmarketing@gmail.com by email, with the subject line “Guest Article (topic name).” I hope you have luck and write a fantastic guest article about health.